The Purple Feed



Democrats are crazy. 
Republicans are crazy. 

They’re all weed-smoking socialists.
They’re all gun-toting racists.
They want to open our borders to criminals.
They want to waste billions on a wall.

And murder our unborn infants.
And kill-off our reproductive rights.

They’re terrorist lovers.
They’re Muslim haters.

With immoral sexual fetishes.
With illogical homosexual hatred.

Crippling healthcare policies.
No healthcare policies.

And climate change lies.
And climate change denials.

They’re un-American.
They’re un-American.

I don’t want to hear their side. 
I don’t want to hear their side. 

And I’ll never read their news
And I’ll never read their news...

Is the other half crazy?
Or are we all crazy, for ignoring
each other’s perspectives?

It’s time to read the news from
the other side. 

Introducing: The Purple Feed.

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We live in a world where one half thinks the other half is crazy. Our news sources aren't helping. Almost everything we read only reinforces our existing views, shielding us from opinions we might find hard to deal with. But it's becoming increasingly clear this isn't working. 

The Purple Feed is an attempt to prick all of our filter bubbles. For just a few minutes a day, you'll read views you're not used to, in language that you are. 

Whether you're red or blue, you'll be delivered news from the opposite end of the political spectrum to your own. Written by journalists and editors from across the divide, delivered without judgement or blame, in a simple, friendly digest straight to your inbox. 

It's down to us to prick our own bubbles. Because if more people look at the world from both sides, we might start having the conversation we all need. 

The Purple Feed. 

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